One of the things we at Martinsons are most proud of is that we make full use of the wood from Västerbotten’s forests and create solutions that make a difference. The quality raw material from the forests around us is the foundation of our business, and treating the raw material with respect is a prerequisite in the work of building a future-proof and sustainable society.

It is therefore only natural for us to promote sustainable, long-term forestry that always takes into account both biodiversity and the growth and future value of the forest. 

All forest harvested by Holmen meets the guidelines for controlled wood. The company works together with local contractors and builds deep, long-term relationships that promote a focus on quality in pursuit of shared goals. In addition, Holmen is a driving force in industry-wide forums and continuously takes initiatives to further the development of sustainable forestry.

Only growing forests store carbon dioxide, so harvesting and then planting new trees reduces the overall level of carbon emissions. With sustainable forestry in constant development, conditions are created for the region’s forest owners to secure the future value of their forest, while at the same time playing an important role in our future-proof community development.


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