An important factor in living up to the ambitions for sustainability is the social perspective. Taking the opportunity to contribute to a society where we close the gaps rather than reinforcing them. This is why we are committed to initiatives that make life in our region better. From both a larger and a slightly smaller perspective.

Like others, we need to prioritise how we use our money and we have chosen to focus on the region in which we operate. We believe this is where we are best able to choose initiatives that make a positive difference. And this is why we are investing, among other things, in industrial training and education, and in young people’s opportunities to discover the joys of science, technology and wood.

Another good example of our ambition to take social responsibility is our involvement in local associations. For us, it goes without saying that children and young people should be able to have meaningful leisure time even in smaller towns. We primarily focus on broad-based sponsorship in sports and culture, but we are also positive about collaborations in areas such as community development, forestry and the environment.